OUR Math Teachers : Please explore this virtual opportunity to network with other math teachers across the state this afternoon.
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Math Teacher Virtual Networking Opportunity
OUR ESC specialists met last week to debrief regarding summer professional development and to make plans for supporting our schools during the 2022-2023 school year.
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OUR ESC Specialists
OUR Co-op Specialists
Community partners from NorthArk, NAPHE, NWAEDD, Newton County Library, Yellville and Harrison schools came together to take the Youth Mental Health First Aid course. We have more and more capable, confident and competent adults in our area who are ready to help young people experiencing a mental health challenge. THANK YOU.
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YMHFA 082322
Miss Arkansas 2022, Ebony Mitchell, came to speak at the annual HIPPY Kick-Off. She told how her experience in the OUR Cooperative HIPPY program prepared her for Kindergarten. Miss Arkansas credits the HIPPY curriculum with her early reading and math skills.
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Miss Arkansas 2022, Ebony Mitchell
Front Row: Gayle Slape, Assistant HIPPY Coordinator, Cindy Lambe, ABC/EC Coordinator, Ebony Mitchell, Miss Arkansas 2022, HIPPY Home Visitors Barbara Hagood, Cindy Ricketts, Shelia Bagby. Back row: Renee Langston, PAT Home Visitor, HIPPY Home Visitors, Katlynne Crow, Michelle Kelley, Kriste Ledbetter, and Annabella Roberts.
ABC, Hippy, and the Early Childhood Special Education departments invited Glenda Hyer to do a presentation on story based instruction. These ladies were excited about the hands on learning and created an adaptive book to meet the needs of children with disabilities. They also learned how to involve the family in the child’s education.
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Story Based Instruction
Story Based Instruction  Little Blue Truck box
Teacher adapting a book to meet child's needs
Story  Based Class with ABC, Hippy, and SPED departments with Glenda Hyer
K-2 Literacy wrapped up the 2022 summer professional development with a second round of RISE!! What a wonderful asset these ladies are going to be to the OUR public schools!!! These ladies are excited to get started helping kids read and succeed!!! #RISEArkansas
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Great job, Ladies!!!
Reading to deepen our knowledge!!
Soaking up all the knowledge we can!!
Science of Reading Stand Alone Days: Phonological Awareness, Phonics Decoding, and Phonics Encoding. These ladies attended these three days and gained a lot of knowledge to support their phonics instruction!! #RISEArkansas
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Going deeper with our learning!
Collaborative conversations!!!
Continuing to learn!!
Developing generalizations about spelling patterns!!
K-2 Literacy worked with the K-6 staff at Omaha Elementary during back to school PD!!!! What a pleasure it is to work with these teachers!!! Always learning!!! #RISEArkansas
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Grabbed a selfie with this great group!!!!
Youth Mental Health First Aid training has prepared these educators to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental health and substance use challenges among students ages 12-18. Congratulations to this group and thank you for being prepared!
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YMHFA 080222
OUR CTE Department and the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce partnered with Keathley Patterson Electric and Wabash to provide teachers the opportunity to tour Wabash, learn about career options, and discuss ways to incorporate job skills needed into the classroom.
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Tour of Wabash
Group picture at Wabash
Tour of Wabash
Wabash inside building
Congratulations to this round of Youth Mental Health First Aiders! There is still room in the training here at OUR on August 2nd!
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HS & MS Math Quest: Ambitious teaching develops a Growth Mindset in our students!
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During the DESE Summit this week, the OUR Education Co-op was recognized for outstanding performance and exemplary status as one fo the top 10 ditricts for Early and On-time Submissions for Finance Cycles. Congratulations Christy Norton and Alecia Sooter on this much deserved recognition for your hard work and dedication!
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ADE Summit Celebrations!
Christy Norton receiving award.
Award Certificate
Are you interested in pursuing National Board Certification for FREE? DESE has just released 2 NBCT Academy opportunities for those teaching in districts with less than 5 NBCT teachers. The OUR Co-op districts that meet this criteria are listed below. Others can apply, but will not have priority. See the memo below for links to apply. Deadline is August 8, 2022. https://adecm.ade.arkansas.gov/ViewApprovedMemo.aspx?Id=5211
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NBCT Priority Districts
Thank you to Berryville School District for sharing your PLC journey as a district with the teachers and administrators of Arkansas at the DESE Summit this week in Hot Springs! Berryville was selected as the largest district in PLC Cohort 6 and will continue their collaborative professional learning this year. Way to continue the marathon toward student success for all!
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Photo of Berryville School District at Summit
Eureka Springs Elementary School presented their work on "PLC Question 4: What will we do if students have already learned it?" at the DESE Summit in Hot Springs this week. Way to continue the journey toward meeting the diverse needs of ALL learners--you represent us well!
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Photo of Clare Haozous and Carrie Gay of Eureka Springs
6th-12th Grade Number Sense Workshop: Participants used a clothesline to compare many ideas including degrees and radians! For more information on clothesline number sense ideas contact, Shane Flud. sflud@oursc.k12.ar.us
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Clothesline Math
K-2 teachers came together to learn more about how to better teach our youngest writers the genre of informational writing. We connected writing to reading as well as the need for oral language. Teachers learned some strategies to engage these young writers with the information needed to write about and how to start the work at the sentence level. K-2 students can write with the right supports put into place. What an awesome day of learning!!!
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We studied the research.
We wrote.
We practiced some of the strategies.
We will never stop learning!!
K-2 teachers, along with a few others, learned about the importance of vocabulary and how it supports reading and writing. Teachers learned about and practiced choosing the best words for instruction, how to connect to curriculums, and best practices for getting kids engaged with the words. Words are so much fun!!!
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Deepening our knowledge on vocabulary instruction.
We practiced the work with vocabulary.
Great job, Ladies!!!
Narrative writing focus with K-2 teachers. Teachers learned about working at the sentence level with our young learners and how to add better word choices. We also learned about the importance of building oral language to support the writing process. K-2 students can write!! What a fun day!!
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Oh, what fun we had!!
Great collaboration!!