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  What is Arkansas on iTunes U?

  An initiative in Arkansas
  designed to extend learning beyond the
  classroom. We are one of the many
  universities, state agencies, and
  not-for-profit cultural institutions to
  distribute educational media to the
  world for free through iTunes U.
  With iTunes U,interested users can
  “learn on the go” by downloading audio
  and video content onto a mobile device or any computer with Internet access.

Our mission is to promote the distribution of educational media for students, educators, and the public, foster the innovation of students and educators as they create content for audiences beyond the classroom, and make a variety of learning experiences accessible on demand.


   Take a video speed tour of
   some of the teacher-created
   content from the summer
   of 2011.




When students download and play tracks related to courses they are studying, iTunes U works with the classroom teacher to maximize instructional impact. Teachers can use video and audio tracks in iTunes U for engagement – allowing students to engage with a topic, activate background knowledge, and come to class motivated to learn. They can use these tracks for reteaching – helping students to reinforce a key concept and clarify misconceptions so that they can have that “aha” moment and move forward in their learning. Students can also select and use tracks strategically to explore connections and applications that enrich their learning.  iTunes U, a universal platform that provides access to a wealth of educational content, makes it easy for users to take control of their own learning.

Find out more about Arkansas education content on iTunes U by visiting and explore our content by searching for us in iTunes.