OUR Science Department


 “Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

- Albert Einstein, in a Saturday Evening Post interview, 1929


Science teaching today is not so much an exercise in teaching facts to students so they can repeat them on a test, but rather inspiring them to new levels of curiosity and imagination.  Not surprisingly, the world's most achieving and reputable scientists were also dreamers, philosophers, artists, and designers.  A major goal of the OUR Science Department is to support teachers in the work of nuturing the scientists and dreamers of tomorrow.

This page is intended to be an evolving resource for teachers in our region and across the state.  Here you can find information about upcoming professional development opportunities, materials available for loan from the Co-op, and support for implementing Arkansas K-12 Science Standards.  Please feel free to contact Nathan Windel at nwindel@oursc.k12.ar.us with any questions or if you have suggesions for resources you can use in your classroom.



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