Career and Technical Education
Emilee Tucker, CTE Coordinator
Emilee Tucker, CTE Coordinator

The Career & Technical Education Coordinator provides supportive resources to enable public schools to initiate and maintain quality Career and Technical Education programs in accordance with the Arkansas Department of Career Education's Strategic Plan, Goals and Objectives.  The Coordinator encourages the development, implementation, and improvement of CTE programs for all districts (consortia or single LEA) in the service delivery area through the following:

  • Legally bind the district/cooperative with regard to the Perkins federal funds
  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Program Review
  • Technical Assistance
  • CTE Initiatives Support
  • Administration and Assistance

O.U.R. Carl D. Perkins Consortium Members 2017-2018

  • Alpena
  • Bergman
  • Cotter
  • Deer/Mt. Judea
  • Eureka Springs
  • Flippin
  • Jasper (Jasper, Kingston, Oark)
  • Lead Hill
  • Omaha
  • Ozark Mountain (Bruno-Pyatt, St. Joe, Western Grove)
  • Searcy County
  • Valley Springs
  • Yellville-Summit

O.U.R. Carl Perkins Consortium Governing Board

  • Mr. David Westenhover, Alpena School District Superintendent
  • Mr. Joe B. Couch, Bergman School District Superintendent
  • Mrs. Vanessa Thomas Jones, Cotter School District Superintendent
  • Mr. Andrew Curry, Deer/Mt. Judea School District Superintendent
  • Mr. Bryan Pruitt, Eureka Springs School District Superintendent
  • Mr. Kelvin Hudson, Flippin School District Superintendent
  • Mr. Jeff Cantrell, Jasper School District Superintendent
  • Mrs. Wanda Van Dyke, Lead Hill School Superintendent
  • Dr. Jacob Sherwood, Omaha School District Superintendent
  • Mr. Jayme Jones, Ozark Mountain School District Superintendent
  • Mr. Alan Yarbrough, Searcy County School District Superintendent
  • Mrs. Judy Green, Valley Springs School District Superintendent
  • Mr. Wes Henderson, Yellville-Summit School District Superintendent
O.U.R. Educational Service Cooperative
Carl D. Perkins Consortium
Performance Report
Performance Indicator 2013-14
Academic Attainment - Literacy 72.93% 80.90% NA   77.00%
Academic Attainment - Geometry 80.99% 85.23% 75.45% -9.78% 80.00%
Skill Attainment 81.20% 78.79% 73.06% -5.73% 78.00%
High School Completion 97.79% 98.51% 97.44% -1.07% 96.50%
High School Graduation 97.79% 98.51% 97.44% -1.07% 92.00%
Placement 92.03% 90.85% 93.21% 2.36% 95.00%
Nontraditional Participation 31.50% 36.68% 35.56% -1.12% 29.00%
Nontraditional Completion 28.05% 30.09% 20.65% -9.44% 22.00%
Note - Litearcy results are not reported for 2015-16 due to a transition of assessments in previous years.

CTE Performance Indicators

Academic Attainment Literacy: number of CTE concentrators who have met the proficient/advanced level on the Statewide high school reading/language arts assessment.

Academic Attainment Geometry: number of CTE concentrators who have met the proficient/advanced level on the Statewide high school mathematics assessment.

Technical Attainment: number of CTE concentrators who were proficient on assessments taken within the program of study.

High School Completion: number of CTE concentrators that graduate plus the number of CTE concentrators that receive a GED during the reporting year.

High School Graduation: number of CTE concentrators who, in the reporting year, were included as graduated in the State's computation of its graduation rate.

Placement: number of CTE concentrators who successfully completed the program of study and graduated from high school and who were employed, enrolled in post-secondary, or in the military six months following graduation.

Nontraditional Participation: number of nontraditional gender students enrolled in one or more units within a program of study that is nontraditional for their gender during the reporting year.

Nontraditional Completion: number of nontraditional gender concentrators who successfully complete programs of study designated nontraditional and graduate from high school during the reporting year.

Contact Information

Emilee Tucker

Career & Technical Education Coordinator

5823 Resource Drive, Harrison, AR 72601

Office Room 30