Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards

AAEA Presentation "Critical to the Core"

Parental Involvement Resources Power Point

Math Lesson Plan Template

English Language Arts Lesson Plan Template

Common Core Standards

On the Road to Implementation

On the Road to Implementation

Common Core Standards with Common Sense

Common Core Standards Overview

CCSS Complete Overview (21 MB pdf File)

AACIA Power Point Presentation (12 MB ppt File)

ELA Common Core

CCSSI ELA Standards
Application for English learners
Application to students with disabilities

ELA Appendix A
ELA Appendix B
ELA Appendix C

Math Common Core

CCSSI Math Standards
Mathematics Appendix A

Common Core Crosswalk to Arkansas Frameworks

Common Core Analysis User's Guide

Common Core State Standards for ELA Compared to AR Frameworks

Common Core State Standards for Math Compared to AR Frameworks

Guidelines for using the Excel files for CCSS

Instructional Leaders Meeting (January 28th, 2011)

CCSS Community Information

Dr. Bednar's CCSS Information


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Common Core State Standards

Arkansas Department of Education Common Core

This site is the new Common Core site launched by the ADE. All past CCSS Math CIV telecast and AR CCSS Institutes are found on the front pafe of this site.

This is embedded in the above site. On this site you will find:

  • ADE Strategic Plan
  • What Every AR Educator Needs to Know
  • Analysis Tools for Math and Literacy
  • Sample Assessment Plans
  • A Guide for PD Planing Along with the Bigs Shifts in Math and Literacy

This is the ADE Micro CCSS Site. On this site you will find:

  • FAQ
  • Video from the ADE
  • List of Resources including Videos and Power Points used by the department and websites
  • Overview information for parents and community members as well as educators

This pages houses past emails from the CCSS list serve in case you recently joined. Go to the right of the page under CCSS Comm. Files

This is the ADE Common Core Wiki homepage. The crosswalks and timeline are housed here. Links to content area wikis are also found here.